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  • E-SIGNATURES-no searching where to sign
  • FILL IN FORMS-no trying to figure out what is being requested
  • Team Usa Mortgage Processor (very few loan originators are also processors)
  • Ownership mentality thinking and not just employee thinking

Livermore Delivers MORE

Video-Realtor's Nightmare    <5minutes
Stay in front of your mortgage loan.

Video-Borrower's Dream      4 minutes
A few tips of what to do and not to do while applying for a mortgage loan. 

Video-The Loan Application     4 minutes
What are the costs of a Mortgage Loan?

Videos- more coming SOON;)

Questions to ask your realtor or
realtor's inhouse loan officer


What are their turn times for purchases?

Our turn time has been 30 days or less…the fastest was 14 days.


How soon can the appraisal be ordered?

Most brokers/bankers need to wait 7 days.   We can order the appraisal with UWM as soon as the TIL is signed.  That means that we have a 7 day advantage over our competition.


Does your realtor agent work with a bank or a broker?

Banks have a limited amount of loan products to offer.

Brokers have a much bigger list to chose from when searching for the best loan product for you.
Team USA Mortgage is a broker.


Does your agent get open communication with the loan officer?

Does the agent have to chase the loan officer to get updates on the progress of your loan…if so then you will probably have the same result.  Do they really like working with the loan officer or merely tolerate the relationship.
We will update you biweekly of the status of your loan.  We communicate with all who are involved with the loan and will answer your questions.


Does the loan officer show you more than 1 product? 

At least 3 different products should be shown to you so you can decide the best scenario is for you.

Example:  3% down conventional product, 3.5% down FHA product, 20% down conventional product.

Then you can compare closing costs, interest costs, MIP costs, etc. 

On 8/24/13 a 30 year fixed conventional loan interest rate was 4.75% and an FHA 30 year loan interest rate was 4.50%.  Which is the better product?  It is the conventional with the higher interest rate.  Why?  The real cost is in looking at the APR (Annual Percentage Rate).  The conventional real cost is 4.926% and the FHA real cost is 6.019%...that's 1.093% higher in costs. 

Go to the resource page to read about APR

My goal is to make the process simple.  I want to upload your file to lender as cleanly as possible.  This makes the process move forward faster with less conditions requested from the underwriters for more information.

Credit & How it Works-3 Common Mistakes People Make
by Todd Rooker-4:28 minute Video

Great video to watch. 
Know what to avoid. 
What the lenders are looking for when they decide who to lend money to or not.

Wishing, Hoping and Praying isn't enough!
Proven methods, follow through and understanding what is needed to get the solution is the key.
Develop trade lines and increase your FICO score (credit score).

Use credit cards/debit cards to paid your monthly bills...gas, groceries and cell phone bills.
Paid them in full each month & on time instead of using cash or writing a check for your monthly costs.  It is money that you already spent monthly, why not use it to increase your FICO score. 

The key to successfully using credit cards is as soon as you have put a debit on your credit card put the cash in an envelope and set it aside to paid the bill when it comes due.

3 trade lines or lines of credit is what the lenders are looking for with a 2 year history.  A mortgage, student loan, car loan, and/or credit cards full fill the requirements.  It shows the lenders that you are responsible when you make the payments on time and that can be trusted to make payments.

A checking account debit card does not show up on the credit report (FICO score) but a debit credit card does.  Open a debit credit card and deposit $300 or whatever your monthly grocery bill is each month.  Again set aside the amount debited for each purchase in your cash envelope and pay the bill in full each month.  This will help build your trade lines and your credit score at the same time without increasing your level of debt.  Even just putting Netflix monthly charge on the card and paying each month shows responsibility.  Call your bank and ask for an debt credit card application.  Verify that this card will be reported to the credit report companies. 

The Process of Getting a Mortgage Loan
< 6 minute podcast
  click PLAY button

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